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Professionals from 25 Countries..

Greece, Hungary, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Ukraine, Malta, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Argentina, USA, Israel, United Kingdom, Spain, Uruguay, Scotland, Poland, South Africa, Ireland, Serbia, Armenia, Jordan

32nd IFTTA International Conference

November 24 – 26, 2021

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Accommodation Agreements, Passenger Transport and Tourism Contracts during an international crisis

Simultaneous interpreting/Interpretaçāo simultânea EN<>PT


November 24 – 26, 2021

Sessions start at 10:00 AM, Sao Paulo time zone



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APAMAGIS is a civil association founded on February 19, 1953, the Society was formed by a group of judges who met with the purpose of establishing an organisation to provide members with personal and material assistance.

On August 3rd, 1963, through the Extraordinary General Assembly, the name of Beneficent Society was changed to São Paulo Association of Judges.

Nowadays, APAMAGIS is the largest state association of judges in Brazil. It represents more than 3,000 judges in São Paulo, working to offer leisure spaces dedicated to judges, cultural, sport, travel and tourism services.



IFTTA Brazil is a “Section”, which follows the IFTTA International bylaws and the same principles of the international body. As a Section it is an extension of the international entity without legal autonomy represented by  Brazilians. The major decisions shall be submitted to the  Board of the International entity.

The first meeting of IFTTA Brasil was held in July, 2010.

The IFTTA brings together everyone interested in the legal issues of travel and tourism law. The term “advocates” is broad covering all fields of interest in the legal aspects of the travel and tourism industry congregating private and public sector.

Our History

IFTTA was conceived in Jerusalem in November of 1983 at a conference on the legal aspects of Travel & Tourism. The event was hosted by Israel’s Tourism Ministry, Bar Association, and the Hebrew University. Attending the Conference were seventy advocates and educators from Israel, the USA, Canada, France, United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Thailand, Cypress, Paraguay, South Africa, Singapore and Switzerland.

The opportunity to meet, listen and share private and public moments energised those present as it provided a unique occasion to share legal issues with knowledgeable colleagues. On the spot the decisions were made to form what we called the “International Forum for Travel and Tourism Advocates” (IFTTA). Alexander Anolik of the USA, Gerald Heifetz of Canada, and Dov Kolani of Israel were the first executive officers.

Jerusalem 1983
Greece 1989
Scotland 1991
Scotland 1991
USA 1993

The first resolution:
“All persons shall enjoy the basic and fundamental right of free passage across national boundaries for the purpose of travel and tourism.”

There shall be created a permanent organisation entitled “The International Forum for Travel and Tourism Advocates I.F.T.T.A.”

Our friends and colleagues matter!

The IFTTA’s “Moto” is “Mutual Support and Professionalism”. Over the years IFTTA has accomplished 31 Annual Conferences around the world that provided a friendly asthmosphere to start or to keep the professional network while discussing legal aspects of travel and tourism. Up to 2019 the conferences were in-person. Every year a new city, a new country and most important people with valuable and actionable insights are always there. Unfortunately in 2020, due to Covid19, we were forced to change the format of our Conferences from in-person to digital. This is our II digital Conference. The first was held in Tel Aviv, and this one will be held in Sao Paulo.

We hope to revamp in-person Conferences in the near future.

(+) in memoriam

Presidents Emeriti

Dov Kolani, Israel

Jose Fosman, Israel (+)

John Downes, Scotland

Alexander Anolik, U.S.A.

Harry Manuel, Netherlands

Michael Wukoschitz, Austria

Marc MacDonald, Ireland

Board Members Emeriti

Gerald Heifetz, Canada (+)

Patrice Tedjini, France

Board of Directors

Board Members serve a two-year term, being reelected if desired.

Klaus Tonner, Germany

Jacqueline Tanti-Dougal, Malta

Doug Crozier, Canada

Maria Goretti Sanches Lima, Brazil

Laurence D. Gore, U.S.A.

Uta Stenzel, Germany

Olivier Dugardyn, Belgium

Gianluca Rossoni, Italy

Enrique Mota, Mexico

Andrej Micovic, Serbia

Carmit Bar-On, Israel

Dorottya Gyenize, Hungary

Karina Barreiro, Argentina

2009 first time in Brazil
21st IFTTA’s Annual International Conference