Get the complete version of 393 pages of the Conference eBook in IFTTA BRAZIL. See how.

The complete version of 393 pages is free of charge and can be printed or downloaded on your computer. There are two ways to get the complete version:

1. By “partial version” (longer).
2. By direct access to the  form (shorter).

It only takes a few steps.

1. First way

1.1 In partial version, click on “Table of Content” (first symbol) on the left side at the bottom of the page.

Guia livro 11.2. After opening the  “Table of Content”  click the arrow to scroll down the “Content”.

Guia livro2 31.3. Click “full version and Disclaimer”

Guia livro3 51.4. Click on “here to start”

Guia livro4 7


2. Second way

2.1. A form will ask for your email. Provide a valid e-mail because the system sends a message to the provided email address that will contain the link to the complete electronic version of the book.

Guia livro5 9
6. Wait around five minutes and open your email. IFTTA BRASIL’s message with a link to the complete version of the book will be there. Click here to go straight to the form.



  • The electronic book can be transferred to;
    • Ipad.
    • Iphone (or other smartphone)
    • eReader or any other device.
  • Or simply use it on your computer how it is.